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The Fireplace Evolution

“We didn’t start this project with a fireplace in mind, certainly not a large piece like this. But, as we spent time reviewing design ideas and taking a deeper look at the space, we knew the fireplace was the perfect option,” reflects Landscape Designer Kevin McQuade.

The project started with an existing hardscape and a desire by the homeowner to enhance the space, but as to how was a bit of a mystery. After spending time in the space and talking with the clients we were able to move beyond their first impression of how the space could be and see its full potential.

As it turns out, some of the views from the home into the landscape were less than perfect. Also, the opportunity to extend the use of the outdoor living area year-round was rather appealing. “With a fireplace like this we create a fabulous focal point in the landscape, we can screen an unwanted view and make it comfortable for the homeowner to use the outdoor space even in the winter,” Kevin explains. 

Once the decision was made for an outdoor fireplace, the next step was to ensure that the new and existing hardscapes would meld effortlessly and all of the components would be in scale to each other as well as the over space and the home. 

“When the proportions are right, you just feel more comfortable, be it in a room of the house or an outdoor living area such as this,” says McQuade.

If you are ready to see what your landscape can truly be, call us. Our talented designers will evaluate the space, identify what you want most out of your yard and create a plan that is perfect for you.

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