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Wimberg Landscaping is pleased to share that our very own Jennifer Smith is once again penning her popular blog, Adventures of a Landless Gardener for Horticulture magazine’s website. “I began this series in 2010 as a way to share my garden adventures. I had left my large garden in northern Wisconsin behind, moved to a condo in Cincinnati and was gardening in a park. The blog was a way to share with fellow garden enthusiasts that they didn’t need a yard to be a gardener, they could be landless gardeners,” reflects Jennifer.

After meeting the publisher of Horticulture, Patty Craft, Adventures of Landless Gardener was born. Jennifer later worked for the publication and its sister publications in a variety of roles before joining Wimberg Landscaping. “I’ve always had garden related blogs, and with my continued work at Bettman, a park I adopted, it was time to bring back Adventures of Landless Gardener. I was pleased to learn that the magazine thought the same,” she shares.

You can follow Jennifer’s writing for Horticulture, here. She is also the author of the Wimberg Landscaping blog.

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