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Think back on your shade garden. Better, yet, if you have photos pull them up. Is your eye drawn to the back of the garden, to the far corners? Shade gardens are center-stage for textures, green and exquisite leaf margins (coleus has us in awe with all its shapes). But what a shade garden may be lacking is a bit of brightness.

Pulmonaria has great variegated varieties that brighten a shady spot, are deer resistant and have the most charming spring flowers that transition from pink to blue to purple.

Japanese Anemone Mount Everest has white, fluffy, luxurious flowers that balance upon thin elegant stems. Their subtle movement in the garden with a soft breeze is charming and the white petals contrast beautifully with the green foliage dominating a shade garden.

And of course, hostas. Many hostas have white in their leaves. I may be going against the common thread of thought, but I enjoy hosta flowers. Some are quite substantial. A few very aromatic, and their white blooms draw you in.

There are so many plant selections and combinations to liven up a dark shade garden that it can be overwhelming. We can help you single out the plants that will have the greatest impact on your shade garden. Call us! 271.2332

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