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Your Healthy Lawns Awaits

Lawn care doesn’t have to be elusive and complicated. We share a few tips to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.

  1. New seed or sod needs special treatment. Give your new lawn time to settle in. For 6-8 weeks keep foot traffic to a minimum, this includes pets!
  2. New sod needs to be watered well to allow the roots to take hold. Skimp on watering new sod and soon you will see brown ‘seams’ within the sod.
  3. Aeration! We all need room to breathe, so does your lawn. Aeration allows air and water to circulate more freely in the lawn.
  4. Feeding. Our lawns go through a lot! Heavy rains, scorching sun, pets, kids, mowers: it’s not an easy life. Regular feeding promotes a health lawn that can better resist stresses as well as pests and diseases.
  5. Keep it Clean. There is a movement of letting autumn leaves stay where they fall, on the lawn and in the gardens, through winter. This is fine, unless you want to persevere your healthy lawn. Too much leaf litter can smother a lawn: impeding air and water circulation. Clear the lawn of fall leaves.
  6. Unusual Brown Spots? That may be as simple as a female dog visiting the same spot a few too many times. The chemicals in dog urine can be very harsh on a lawn. Curb your dog in different areas to avoid undue stress on the lawn.  Spot watering the lawn, after a dog’s visit, can help dilute the lawn damming ammonia.

Have lawn questions? Call us! Our lawn experts would be happy to meat with you to evaluate the health of your lawn and create a lawn treatment program that is right for you.

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