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A Winter Wonder Ushers In Spring

In today’s video from Ault Park I shared with you a look at a generous stand of Hellebores in full bloom. That stand, and many other Hellebore plants in the gardens, have been in bloom for at least a month. Just when winter seems to be holding on too long and we are all growing weary of our gray days and cold rains, the hellebores come into bloom.   

Even before their blooms add elegant punctuations of color in the garden, the evergreen leaves break the monotony of a garden bed of mulch and browning winter plant foliage. The crisp, shiny green leaves look sharp most of the winter long, and just as they start turn the blooms steal our attention. 

Hellebores are a pollinator plant, but one that is often overlooked by gardens in general, and pollinators as a whole once other plants come into bloom. They are though, indisputably, a perfect pairing for hostas. I also find their rigid, bold form and thick, substantial foliage a fabulous contrast to the delicate, dare I say dainty, appearance of the bleeding hearts’ foliage and romantic blooms.  

If you would like us to help you add winter charm that ushers in spring to your landscape, call us. Our design professionals will create a garden that is appealing summer as well as winter.

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