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Five Late Season Showstoppers

There are some plants that arrive a little late to the garden party. They go unnoticed during the spring awakening and the summer show of flowers often has them overlooked. But come fall these plants remind us, with splendid colors, why we’re so eager to add them to the landscape.

Bejeweled in purple berries, this often photographed garden plant really keeps to itself during the season. Come fall, though, its berries are true showstoppers.

Mexican bush sage
The first year I added this to my garden I wondered why I had devoted real estate to this plant. Then it reminded me with a tremendous show of purple and white fuzzy flowers on tall stems why it deserves its spot in the landscape. The colors are perfection against the golds and light browns of the trees’ fall foliage. Have patience with this annual, friends. It’s a late bloomer and worthy of every inch of garden space we allow it.

Muhly grass
I don’t even notice this in our summer sun garden. The butterfly weed, lamb’s ears, coneflowers and rattlesnake master are grabbing all the attention. Then, when the temperatures start to fall, this demure grass takes on a whole new persona with bright pink foliage that glows in the garden.

Japanese toad lily
This is the main reason why I continue to use deer repellant late into the season. I don’t care much if the hostas are eaten now, but I can’t bear to think of losing my Japanese toad lilies. Mixed with traditional fall colors, the purple of these little flowers is the perfect complement to the autumn garde

Verbena bonariensis
I will admit, this one is a bit of a cheat because I find it invaluable all season long. Verbena bonariensis is one of the first plants I acquire each spring to ensure I have ample plants in my garden. They do re-seed, but I don’t want to risk not having a full stand. This annual looks great with just about any summer, full-sun plant. In the fall, when grasses are taking center stage, it pairs expertly. Little pops of purple are perfect against the golds and tans of late summer and fall grasses.

If your garden is in need of a little infusion of fall color and fun, call us. We can recommend plants that will perk up your autumn garden.

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